a Waste to Resource story

Demand is Growing

The Consumer, Commercial and Industrial DEMAND for environmentally-friendly natural supplements is growing exponentially.

Farmers are switching

The demand for non-toxic fertilizers is spreading beyond organic farmers into global mainstream operations. Greenstreme ANSWERS that demand.

Highly Efficient

Our proprietary technology creates a nutrient rich fertilizer alternative without the offensive smell common to competitive products.


U.S. Patent #7,678,171 B2
Canadian Patent #2,546,156

for consumers who place value on organic products,
both for turf and garden use

Retail | Turf

Home & Garden
Golf Courses
Municipal turf management


Cash crop organic farmers
Greenhouses, horticulture

Marijuana / Cannabis

U.S. State approved grow-operations
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w/ 7+ Billion people
The need for efficiency
has never been greater

The chemical structure of our product allows it to remain in the soil longer; increasing yield while requiring fewer applications.

We utilize byproducts from fisheries that if left improperly disposed of are harmful to the environment. We turn this waste into a resource.

Unlike fish emulsions, the patented GreenStreme production method uses a unique cold hydrolysis process that nearly eliminates the unpleasant odors associated with competitive products.

business overview

  • Strat Brands Group

    (SBG) is a new green technology company preparing to launch an organic fertilizer trademarked “GreenStreme,” derived from fresh fish processing using a patented cold hydrolysis technology.

  • nutrient rich fertilizer

    This technology creates a nutrient rich fertilizer alternative without the offensive smell common to competitive products and answers the call for sustainable (organic) agriculture that is growing so fast that consumer demand is outpacing domestic supplies.

  • Governments & social conscience

    Governments and the social conscience of its citizens are pushing for accelerated use of organic fertilizers but the source and quality of its supply continues to be the challenge. This change in customer attitude and purchasing behavior has created a growing demand for organic products with a large amount of organic fertilizers being derived from plant and or animal sources like fish waste processing.

GreenStreme is a “waste to resource” organic fertilizer produced from fresh fish waste and turned into a stable liquid with common attributes of a chemical-based fertilizer (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) PLUS important micro-nutrients including zinc, iron, manganese, molybdenum, and copper. The nitrogen and other nutrients are chelated, so they are readily available for plant utilization. Unlike fish emulsions, the patented GreenStreme production method uses a unique cold hydrolysis process that nearly eliminates the unpleasant odors associated with competitive products while maximizing the retention of fish proteins and oils.

GreenStreme has proven to be significantly different from other fish fertilizers on the market, and the company believes that sales will ramp up exponentially after a successful small-scale entry into the retail marketplace in Q4, 2018.

SBG expects to launch future products using organic, non-toxic formulations, for consumer, commercial and industrial markets.

Fertilizers are added to the soil in order to increase the supply of essential nutrients that boost the growth of plants and vegetation in that soil. With the rapid increase in global population there has never been a time when fertilizer use was in such demand to maintain and grow agricultural yield. Unfortunately, the long-term impact on fertilizer use is also known to deplete the quality of soil, cause eutrophication (flow of harmful nutrients into bodies of water that promote algae blooms), negatively impact human health and is a contributing cause of climate change across the globe.

Strat Brands believes that it’s GreenStreme fish fertilizer supplement is superior to other fish derived alternatives. The most significant difference is that the source of the fish for GreenStreme comes from fresh water fisheries instead of seagoing fish. Most fish fertilizer products are produced from processing operations that dump their fish waste into tanks or hoppers where it sits until its time to conduct the fertilizer production process. Most often the process to convert the waste into fertilizer involves cooking to break down the various parts to create an emulsion. This high temperature process negatively impacts the retained value of the important oils, amino acids, vitamins, and enzymes. Fish waste that also sits for too long in tanks before processing begins to rot and results in an end product that smells offensive to most consumers. Another inconvenient aspect of competitor product is the absence of fine screening to remove any remaining bits of bone or cartilage to ensure their products accommodate the small orifices in conventional liquid fertilizer spray equipment. GreenStreme’s patented production process uses fresh water fish by-products that are processed almost immediately after harvesting. This provides an industry leading low odor profile that customers want and its low micron particle size accommodates almost all liquid fertilizer application equipment. The high micro to macro-nutrient content, a benefit resulting from cold hydrolysis vs cooking methods, also differentiate it from products currently available.

A few of the known fish derived fertilizers or solid conditioners include: Alaska 5-1-1 fish fertilizer is one of the leading brands. It is produced by Lilly Miller using ocean fish by-products and a method that we suspect involves cooking. They have added macronutrients to market a consistent 5-1-1 products and have covered up the fish smell with a fragrance. Grassoline, has a 2-3-0 that has been stabilized with phosphoric acid to allow for packaging in smaller containers and offer a 2-0-0 in a large selection of packaging sizes. Pacific Natural 2-3-0 is produced by Great Pacific Bio-Products Ltd. The product is processed using enzymes at low temperatures and filtered down to 80 mesh.

SBG recently acquired the GreenStreme fish fertilizer product that was an overlooked market opportunity for the previous owner. Although the owner was awarded both U.S. and Canadian patents (2010/2014) after extensive and successful testing, it lacked the working capital to launch a commercial production and distribution business.

Available after fiscal year end April 30, 2019


Governments around the world are passing legislation requiring the use of all-natural fertilizers and transitioning away from toxic chemicals.


  • Double-Digit Growth

    There is a double-digit growth in the organic food and drink market, which is anticipated to create a heavy impact on the global organic fertilizer market.

    Organic agricultural land has shown an increase of approx. 83% in the last 10 years (annual compound growth of 7.5%)

    source: FiBL, The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, one of the world's leading organic farming information and research centres.

  • Suppliers

    The suppliers of raw fish waste are principally the freshwater fisheries of the Great Lakes, which are the largest in the world.

    Rainbow Trout are a top nutrient-rich input to the GreenStreme process.

  • Distributors

    Distribution will include retail and commercial paths to market.

    Marijuana / Cannabis

What makes us GREAT

Current Status

Product has been developed, tested, proven, and will be produced for wholesale/retail/end-user distribution. Pro forma analysis shows a very conservative EBITDA of $259,687 for a 59.8% gross operating margin. The current valuation is $2.50 million (9.6 X pro forma EBITDA).

Steps to Commercialization

Full commercialization and broad marketing of GreenStreme targeted for 2Q 2019.

Expected Investment Requirements


Known Market Potential

Now valued at more than $3.3 B at the end of 2017.


The demand for organic, or eco- friendly, fertilizer alternatives has never been higher.

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Greenstreme's Timeline


Contract fishery suppliers and perform a new production run
Dec 2018 - Jan 2019

Sales & Marketing

to our extensive database of U.S. marijuana growers
Nov 2018 - Jan 2019


historical university reports and tests
Q1 2019


Execute strategic partnership / JV
Q2 2019

Meet Our Team

Justin Marek
President / Director

Justin is an inventive conceptualist with an intelligent eye for new methods and progressive design modalities, designing for top tier brands such as Mitsubishi, McDonalds, and TapouT. As Lead Media Developer with EyeRockDigital (2006-2008), he led the development of 25+ specialized channels on one of Canada’s first IPTV networks, creating an intuitive online content platform delivering millions of minutes of engagement daily.

Lead UX Designer with Itibiti Systems Inc. (2008-2010) Justin designed customized VOIP applications for and McDonalds. Those applications provided free calling to users and a direct ad-driven desktop portal for the clients.

Creative Director with Ortsbo Inc. (2010-2011) Justin designed a multilingual interface that allowed users to instantaneously translate their social media conversations between 53 languages, setting a Guinness World Record with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley in 2011 for the “Largest International Online Chat.” Users from over 92 countries participated in the Live Event.

Chief Technical Officer with Revive Bioscience (2012-2014) he created and coordinated online advertising campaigns for TapouT Muscle Recovery as well as a complete branding.

Founder & Chief Engineer of Marek Industrial Art (2013-2018) Designing e-commerce driven online business platforms for clients and specializing in structural artwork.

Executive Vice President

Michael Beckley delivers strong, sustainable, corporate and financial gains in challenging international markets through decisive leadership, influence and action. He brings rich experience as a senior manager in creating strong annuity driven distribution and service models with a focus on capacity building in private and public enterprises. Some of his experience includes: a proven track record in start-up, acquisition and turn around campaigns of multi-national organizations led the acquisition, re-location and re-structuring of multiple US and Canadian environmental products, manufacturing, distribution and service companies developed, patented and commercialized several distinct and innovative environmental technologies, implemented distribution and joint venture partnerships in over twenty countries.

Leadership and talent development is an important priority for Mike. He believes that people are central to success and places tremendous focus on building world-class teams that are well equipped to achieve corporate growth strategies. He holds Diplomas in Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology, is a Certified Engineering Technologist (CET) and is on the regional board of directors as college liaison with the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT).

Secretary / Director

Kevin Fox has been on the leading edge of the communications and broadcast industries for over 25 years, as CEO of ReSource Media Inc., a social commerce media production company. During this time he has been recognized by the industry and by his peers for his creative excellence and business leadership. He has worked in over 105 countries and has produced programming on all seven continents. On any giving week his series and specials are seen in tens of millions of households across the globe. A focus has been producing eco-themed programming based on ‘Green is good business.’

Jeffrey Hughes

Jeff Hughes has served in business management for the past 20 years, as Vice President of Operations for Ecolo Environmental for the past 7 years. Owner and operator of AmeriTex Exterminating in East Texas prior to his employment with Ecolo Environmental. Owner and license holder for BugDefence, Houston’s largest manufacturer, distributor, and service provider of mosquito misting equipment and solutions.

E. G. Marek
Senior Vice President

E.G. Marek continues to build successful international private equity experience after holding investment management and officer positions in several North American blue chip financial institutions over a 30 year career. He led the multi-million dollar acquisition of a leading North American environmental solutions company by a major Chinese wastewater and reclamation corporation, taking an initial discussion to closing in 6 months, including Chinese government approvals. That acquisition is a key element of an upcoming IPO on the Shanghai Exchange.